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Birth Pool Rentals

Experience the benefits of water immersion during labour with our birth pools!

  • higher rate of satisfaction during the birth experience
  • less use of medication for pain relief
  • less use of pitocin and shorter labours
  • lower rates of episiotomies and higher rates of intact perineum
  • possibly lower rates of severe tears and post partum hemorrhage

Check out https://evidencebasedbirth.com/waterbirth/ for a complete overview of the evidence on waterbirth.

Frequently Asked Questions about Renting a Birth Pool

We have two types of pools: the Birth Pool in a Box Eco Mini Pool and the La Bassine Regular Pool. See the chart below to see the difference between the two pools.

Rentals are available for $210 + HST.

Our birth pools are rented for four weeks to ensure you have peace of mind leading up to your due date. You can pick up your pool 2 weeks before your estimated due date and can return it anytime before 2 weeks after your due date. 

The pool has everything you need, including an electric air pump to blow up the pool, a disposable liner, a 25’ drinking water hose to fill the tub, faucet adaptor, floating thermometer, submersible water pump/hose to empty the pool.

Learn more about choosing the right birth pool for you and how to prepare for water birth here.

The current evidence shows that waterbirths are not linked to an increase in newborn death or other outcomes, including NICU admissions, low Apgar scores, breathing difficulty, or infections.

For more information and to check availability, please get in touch with our office.

Choosing your birthing pool


La Bassine Regular Professional

Birth Pool In A Box Mini

Designed for water birth

Eco friendly / Non-toxic material

Material type



Material thickness


0.55 mm


53” (135cm)

57” (145cm)


60” (160cm)

65” (165cm)

Height (depth)

25” (65cm)

26” (66cm)




Adjustable height

Capacity (litres) *at about 80% full



Weight (empty)

14 lbs

26 lbs

Weight (full)

1004 lbs

1082 lbs

Floor thickness (centimetres)

7.5 cm

5 cm

Inflation / Deflation time



Approx. Fill time (minutes)

25 mins

25 mins

Approx. Setup and fill time

30+ mins

35+ mins





Cup holder

Transparent sides

White bottom

Fitted Liners available