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Giving birth to a supported and informed parent

Evidence-Based Birth® Childbirth Classes

What is Evidence-Based Prenatal Education?

Hospital practices can be outdated when it comes to giving birth….

The Evidence-Based Birth® Childbirth Class explores the latest, evidence-based practices in childbirth today and teaches them in a friendly and interactive way. 

Understand what birthing options are really available, learn to navigate the health care system and use your voice so you can have the birth experience that you want.

This class uses a hybrid online model together with a live flipped classroom interactive experience so that you and your partner can learn together. 

What does the course include?

  • 2 two-hour live virtual classes taught by myself- including the Comfort Measures Practice
  • Well-organized, informative and fun online video assignments for you and your partner to watch- taught by the well known Rebecca Dekker, PhD, RN, creator of EBB®
  • Flipped classroom learning, which allows you to really learn the content in your own time and then bring to our weekly sessions to review and discuss
  • 4 one-hour virtual sessions to ask individualized questions and learn from the experience I have gained through attending hundreds of births
  • In-depth digital workbook

What topics are covered?

  • family-centered care, advocacy and informed consent

  • comfort measures like acupressure, massage and counter pressure, water immersion, positions, nutrition
  • breathing, relaxation and positive affirmations
  • pain management and interventions like epidurals, nitrous gas, inductions, family centered-Cesarean
  • newborn care- delayed cord clamping, skin to skin, Vitamin K
  • breast/chest feeding and post-partum care
  • other topics including suspected big babies, “failure to progress”, GBS, PROM, eating and drinking 

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Why should I take this childbirth class?

Pregnant women attending prenatal lesson in city park holding images showing baby body parts inside belly.

You can’t learn it all from Google…and we all know there is a lot of innacurate and dangerous information online!

The benefit of the Evidence-Based Birth® class is that you have all the latest researched information curated for you and fit into your weekly sessions. 

When you have questions, it’s great to have an experienced instructor on hand. I am there for you to provide you with guidance each week and answer your questions.

We talk about issues facing birth today and get hands-on practice with pain management during our Comfort Measures Rehearsal. I also love to share my hypnobirthing experience so you can add it to your birthing tool box. 

I have been teaching prenatal classes for over 10 years, and by far this is the most complete class out there.

A pregnant African-American woman with her husband and her doula or birth support coach. She is practicing squatting, with her husband kneeling and supporting her from behind, a position they will use during labor. The expectant mother has pink hair and is wearing a pink shirt.

How can I invest in my birth? 

  • the EBB Childbirth Class includes 6 live online classes, 3-month access to online content at EBB® Academy, access to PDF handouts, video and audio recording libraries and a digital workbook!
  • $315 (divided in smaller weekly payments) and billed as naturopathic education. This service is covered by most health insurance benefits. 

What is the best time for me to take the class?

  • I recommend to take the classess between 20 and 30 weeks. This gives you time to learn the material and practice the techniques learned in class.
  • contact Kura Clinic to find out the dates of our upcoming classes