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Perinatal Naturopathic Medicine

Feel better during your entire pregnancy

My approach

My goal is to treat the root cause of your concerns and empower you to make informed decisions about your health during pregnancy and birth.

Your journey starts with a thorough exploration of your current and previous medical history, often involving further investigation with lab work. The treatment is then tailored to your needs and might include evidence-based treatments such as lifestyle, nutrition, vitamins and neutraceuticals, acupunture or bioidentical hormone therapy.

I am passionate about perinatal and infant care and helping people during one of the most exciting yet challenging periods of their life. Feeling empowered and educated during your pregnancy gives your parenting the best start possible and can have long-lasting benefits.

Too often, conventional medicine focuses on “sufficient” health, but you deserve more. As a naturopathic doctor, I focus on optimizing your health. The result? Better outcomes both for you and your baby.

Naturopathic Medicine At Each Stage Of Your Pregnancy

Let’s work together to have you feeling your best. Using education and gentle tools, you can have the support you need through each stage of pregnancy and childbirth.​


Planning to conceive

Whether you have fertility concerns or want to start your pregnancy on the right foot, let’s discuss your wellness concerns and how to address them.

I will explore adequate nutrition and help correct nutritional deficiencies, support digestion, encourage a healthy immune system, screen for and support mental health and sleep.

I support individuals with autoimmune conditions, hyper or hypothryoidism, PCOS, recurrent miscarriages and more. 


While Pregnant

Pregnancy can be challenging, with symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, heartburn, constipation and more. I have several tools for managing your symptoms safely.

I am always happy to discuss topics such as healthy weight gain, gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia prevention, GBS, labour prep, breech babies, hypnobirthing and lots more.  

I also offer prenatal education and doula services.



After your baby is born, let’s address the unique changes to your physical, hormonal and mental health. I can help you recover and return to your normal.

I love to help with infant feeding, breast/nipple health, perineal healing, hormone balance and mental health, just when it seems like everyone mostly cares only about your baby’s health…


Your Children’s Health

Naturopathic care is a great way to support your child’s natural healing abilities. I approach children’s health by focusing on preventing illness and promoting wellness, a different perspective to their health. 

I offer Well Child Check-ups at routine times so we can discuss healthy growth and development, milestones, food introduction, weaning and more. 

I also provide effective and safe treament for recurrent infections, skin conditions like eczema, digestive issues like stomach pain or constipation, food allergies and sensitivities and more. 

Why Make Naturopathic Care Part of Your Pregnancy Plan

The main benefit is that it empowers you to make decisions. Your health and your body are just that…yours!

You should understand what course you are taking and why. Wellness can be overwhelming, so I always encourage my patients to ask questions, discuss alternative options, and play a leading role in their health.

During pregnancy, naturopathic medicine can be especially helpful. Early pregnancy symptoms, like morning sickness, headaches and fatigue, can wreak havoc on your body. I can help you manage your symptoms safely.

Naturopathic medicine can also help to improve pregnancy and childbirth outcomes and reduce complications as well as prepare you for a happier postpartum period. 

If you are looking to reduce interventions, prevention is key.

“Natural” does not always mean “safe.” I receive a lot of questions from my patients about which supplements they should take and how much. Since I focus on naturopathic medicine during pregnancy, I can help you find products that are safe for you and your baby. Also when you are breastfeeding!

Speaking of questions, you are going to have a lot of them! Fewer times are you faced with so many choices in such a short period. 

Whether you want to meet one-on-one or take group childbirth education classes, I am there to help you learn, discuss pros and cons of treatment options, consider alternative treatments so that ultimately you can make informed decisions. 

North American pregnancy culture does not provide enough support to new parents.

Most practitioners consider you “done” after six weeks, but this is just the start of your parenting journey and you still may be recovering, feeling overwhelmed and need more help. 

I can support you past that point and guide you through proper nutrition, infant feeding, hormone balance, autoimmune conditions, healthy mood,  parenting and more.