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The support you need for a positive birth experience

Labour support and doula services

My approach

Simply put, I am here for YOU.

While your OB, midwife and nurse might have other priorities, my focus is on supporting YOU.

I provide physical and emotional support, education and advocacy before, during and after your labour and birth, regardless of how and where you choose to give birth.

Physical support gives you the three c’s: control, comfort and confidence, and it includes using massage, counter pressure, position changes, assisting with water therapy, etc.

Emotional support helps you feel cared for and gives you a sense of pride. I will be by your side during every surge with encouragement, reassurance and empathy.

Education keeps you in the driver’s seat of your labour. I will make sure you have information about what is happening and have the confidence to make decisions that work for you.

Advocacy I will be right behind you to help you and your partner speak for yourselves and will advocate for you if needed. 

What does it look like to work together?

When we work together, I make sure you have comprehensive support. This means naturopathic labour support at any of your visits including:

A note for partners, spouses and support people

I know you want to help and provide support, but the labour process can be overwhelming. Don’t worry – you don’t need to be the only advocate or source of support. I will teach you tips and tricks so that together we can ensure that your loved one is safe and cared for.

And, I will also care for YOU, including giving you breaks to go outside, get coffee or food or maybe even catch a little nap! Birth can be long, it’s nice to have 2 of us.  

Why Make Doula Care Part of Your Birth Plan


Doulas are proven to provide a better birth experience. Studies have shown that when doulas attend births, labours are shorter, have fewer complications, and result in healthier babies that breastfeed more easily.


It has been shown that having a doula on your birth team can:

newborn baby cries as midwife prepares to cut cord following a beautiful water birth
A beautiful and relaxed ethnic mother is snuggling her newborn and affectionately holding her in the hospital after delivery. Skin to skin bonding concept.

Pregnancy and labour are overwhelming, and having someone in your corner can make an enormous difference.

I will be by your side through every surge. I will make sure that you feel seen, heard and respected. I will ensure that you and your partner have an empowering and positive experience, no matter what comes your way.